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M. B. G.
United States
"Artifex omnibus artificiis. Dominantem nulli. Sed quam saepe melioribus magister unius."

"An Artist of all trades. Master of none. But often better than a master of one."

please by all means correct my Latin if i made a mistake, considering i have failed it four times...i undoubtedly did ;P
Current Residence: a cheap apartment in Austin Tx
Favourite genre of music: industrial/rock,experimetal,dark trance,electronic ambient, Glitch, and more
Operating System: a chronicly cyclic missfiring bundel of neves thats outdated and underused, yet heavily abused
MP3 player of choice: a cd player
Shell of choice: skin
Personal Quote: "Seemingly witty oneliners are seldom orriginal, helpfull, or witty."


Journal Entry: Sun Aug 17, 2014, 1:42 AM
                                                         *at the bottom.

if you are thinking to yourself like i am "gee mike this is kind of late" you are right, I have been tinkering with this for like 2 weeks, and thought it was lost/deleted by a glitch in drafts the last two days.
but you should know by now, that's just how I roll.
"But why did it take you so long?"
one, because i wanted it to be earnest and POSITIVE, lacking in the inflamatory self deprication I usually aspire to, and Two: fuck you, that's why. little bastard voice in my head.
          why can't I ever please you?!
end prologue.

My ten year anniversary on deviant art has recently come to pass, that coupled with my impending 31st birthday has sent me on a journey of reflecting on my time here as of late. it feels like a
                   LIFETIME AGO
                          and yet
                              like it was


    Back in 2004,
        many months after finally leaving home,   
                                               broken and broke,
                                                                surfing couches,
I finally found a semi permanent residence,
                                                                in a closet
under a flight of stairs.
harry potter had nothing on my red and black dungeon.
a friend had emptied it and let me move in.
I painted and installed linoleum, and a custom bed i made.
I would be dead without him.
but just surviving,
                      isn't the same as

what to do with my life?
I had always known I wanted to be an artist.
since I was a small child, art was my favorite thing about life.
Art, being
                   only thing
                              keeping me going.
a sad fact often still true to this day.
but art is almost worthless
                                               if no one ever perceives it.
so I surfed the net looking for ways to share my art with the world, and at this time that art consisted of some lame experiments in Photoshop and some low res photos. (sadly some still live there in the annals of my gallery, deep in the back. where I dare not venture.) Eventually I found this site I thought was pretty good at the was a yahoo group (remember those?)
                     and it was terrible,
 but after a few weeks someone posted an image with a signature for "chaotic butterfly" or
                                                     something like that.
and I wanted to see more from this photographer, (yes she was cute) so I Googled the name....and stumbled upon the website,
                   That singlehandedly
                           my 20's
yes this time im talking about deviant art.
never had I seen such an immense hive of such creative and talented people, a world wide community, and the talent of these people made me feel
And it has continued to be that way all these years.
            there have been rough patches,
people I have met that decided to actively dislike me,
and I have this nasty habit of ranting a storm of negative                                                                          filth
                                                           in my journals,
and I have way too much clutter in my gallery
and I sometimes wonder if I have the majority of DA in
                           watch list
                       what with my inbox being flooded constantly
and my favorites is even more bloated than either of those
and I keep telling myself "eventually i will thank these people for the faves"  but haven't gotten to it since last 
And I don't get many views, in my quiet little corner
                         of the
and sometimes i struggle with daring to dream for
 a DD.
but all that is ok.
at least once a day, I pop onto the main page, run through the first page or so of newest deviations, opening new tabs for anything eye catching, then click on the daily's, and check out the new stuff there, BUT
looking for those new people, the new talents, and unknowns, and it makes me feel warm to be the first to comment on someones profile "Welcome to DA!" like so many did when I joined.

Now, I think im supposed to feature at least five works or something, but that reeks of contest(i stay away from those) and besides, no one reads these anyway. ;P
instead, if you have gotten this far, what I want you to do, is go to the front page, you know the one with all the newest works, the one you usually bypass because of the dicks, tits and anime?(not that there is anything wrong with those) set the thumbnails to as many as you can, and comb through a few pages, opening new tabs for things you want to see, and go make a fellow artist's day by validating their work/LIFE with some comments or faves!
 greet the newbs, and the unknowns!
Their eyes are full of wonder.
they will thank you for it!

:Edit:   after sleeping, i have come back with proof of what I speak. here are an abundance of features I pulled from the front page! enjoy bitches.
Impius Mundi by Astrantia01lighting by redbarron109Sax Player by I-SHOOT-RAW-PHOTOSspike-backed river dragon by trollmaidenGeneral by GoranCrazyBrushNuernberg Part I by myINQI<da:thumb id="476244770"/>PlutoDetail WIP by PaulMellenderAurora by DHeskinTree of Prayer by EbineylandAku by noideasfornicknamesWIP: Ice Tech Caster by FlixArtsLupin the third by balebaleAmy Lee minimal by LadowskaAriel Grows Up(weeth Her Leeetle Friend) by KevinNichols

  • Listening to: Tomorrow's harvest
  • Reading: The chronicles of my life
  • Watching: The hour glass stop halfway
  • Playing: at, what are you?
  • Eating: back to ciggarettes and chocolate
  • Drinking: always orange juice.

so, the new # based search tags for new deviations which don't allow for recall to previously typed combinations, or copy and paste.... 

4 deviants said SUCK! they broke what made it good!!! and made the process of submitting take an extra several minutes or more.
2 deviants said are like totes #AWESOME!! (choosing this is an admittance you embody everything wrong with the world today and must be destroyed like the cancer your kind are)
No deviants said meh, who cares, i never fill that shtuff out anyway. because i really don't care if people can easily search for my art.



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